We all want to live in a calm and relaxed environment and spend our time on the fun things in life.  If this is your vision or dream then keep on reading.
NEAT & Simplified provides:

  • decluttering and organizing (interior, garage, outside)
  • purchase and installation of organizers
  • Interior Design, color recommendation, furniture layout
  • removing unwanted items to donation locations (recycling center or dump)
  • Chemical free cleaning service -  (using Norwex Products provided with service)
  • Landscape design and implementation
  • Tips and Tricks to stay organized
 Feel free to contact me at anytime to talk in detail about your needs and my services.

 About me:
My love for decluttering, organizing and cleaning has lead me down a path on starting my own business and helping others achieve a clutterfree and organized home and life.
I just love assisting my clients on tackling the chaos, teach them on how to get and stay organized and watch them continue on their path of becoming messfree.
There are lots of easy ways to get started.
Accepting help is the first step, contacting me for a no obligation meeting the second and the third one will be a clean and mess free home and tools to keep it that way.
Take ownership and make sure you use your home to its full potential.